Clean and Preserve

When restoration is not the choice, I offer preservation services. Once the work has been completed, the firearm will be returned to the client sealed in a storage bag for long term storage or until the next hunting season. 



I offer several refinishing and restoration options. Refinishing options include, but are not limited to, Duracoat or Ceracoat finishes, Parkerizing, and slow-rust bluing.

Restoration Philosophy

RC Gunworks LLC​

Not all firearms should be restored! What this simply means is that some firearms may be of such significant collector or historical value that restoration would diminish rather than add value.

Preserving history one firearm at a time

As in the case of the lock-work of a 1st Model Brown Bess Musket pictured to the left, restoration would not be the wise choice.Rather, preservation would be the best course of action. But I believe and understand all clients firearms, antique or otherwise, are important and may be of great sentimental value. So, when they’re looking sickly,my philosophy is to never let them perish. I work to revive—not replace—by breathing new life into worn down firearm pieces.

My services

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Individual firearms or complete collection(s)

It just makes good sense to have your firearm(s) insured. Having your firearm or whole collection appraised by a professional from time to time is very important to make sure the correct value is placed on them should anything happen. 

I will appraise single firearms or entire collections using NRA approved guidelines and provide you with a comprehensive written appraisal stating the condition and value of the gun.

Rest assured that all personal client information will be held in strict confidence and is not shared or shown on the appraisal form(s)

Appraisal services