Whether you are building a new firearm or restoring an old one, look no further than MACON GUNSTOCKS for all of your gun stock needs! 

Located in Warsaw MO., the heart of were some the finest walnut in the country is found!  Macon Gunstocks offers a complete line of services. They also post tips on how to make the work easier if you chose to do the work yourself.

Bryan and April Macon are the finest folks you'll ever deal with and go out of their way to make sure customer needs are met. So click the link above and give them a look. You will NOT be disappointed!

RC Gunworks LLC​

Tel: +1.478,213,4622 Hours: Monday-Friday 9:30am to 5:00pm, Saturday By Appointment 




The Inovative Leader......

       ​Lee Precision

Brand new to RC Gunworks and being offered exclusively to you, my customers, is a line of optics from 10PHON (click the link above). Coming to you factory direct!! No middle man.... "I" am the middle man! This means outstanding savings to you on a full line of RED DOTS, Rifle Scopes, and other optics accessories! Their products are of outstanding quality and precision! Their latest Red Dot, the 1x18x20 10PHON EMC is an exclusive to RC Gunworks LLC ! and quite frankly is the "next step" in Red Dot evolution. I was able to get my hands on one! It's an amazing piece of technology! CHECK THEM OUT! then shoot me an email for a price quote.


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WOW...! How time flies! The past couple of years have been crazy to say the least..!  Now that it FINALLY appears we've gotten beyond the pandemic, it's time to get back to normal..? Ok, maybe not... But look, this is not the place to discuss or post an opinion on world events or the current political craziness that is the joe biden presidency! Let's talk business! More to the point, RC Gunworks business!

   RC Gunworks is getting into its third year as an SOT! With the ATF FINALLY getting with the times and offering eForms processing, acquiring and owning a suppressor has gotten so much easier! Wait times have been slashed to a quarter of what they used to be! Yes, there is till the "illegal" $200 tax stamp you must purchase BUT, if you buy from me, my rock bottom pricing helps to offset that pain so check me out for your next purchase! 

   Our laser etching services have been humming along for well over a year now and my wife does some amazing work! Check out the custom work we did on the Iron Man pistol on the home page of this site! In addition to the custom engraving, we're also the shop for meeting NFA requirements for your SBR or AOW !

   So there you have it! 


SOME NEWS..!! Most of you know that I own and operate a firearm business: RC Gunworks LLC.. Well after several years of contemplation and a lot of foot dragging, I finally decided to file for my SOT license. For those that do not know what that means, it's a (S)pecial (O)ccupational (T)axpayers fee that is paid to allow firearms dealers to purchase and sell title 2 weapons or "NFA" items. Suppressors, machine guns (made prior to May 1986), Short Barreled Rifles and Shotguns all fall under the NFA or National Firearms Act registry. SO... after paying the $500 fee and submitting my application, approximately 4 weeks ago, my SOT license finally arrived! I've already gotten dealer accounts setup with several NFA distributors so please feel free to contact me regarding sales and/or transfers. My prices are going to be the lowest in the middle Georgia area as will my transfer fee! No more excuses!! Feel free to email me for a quote..! Please do not post for a quote on my FB page or send me a text..! I will not respond to either one. Email is the way to get ahold of me!! rcgunworksllc@cox.net



Well, actually, it's up to the ATF as to how long until my license gets updated with the ability for me to start selling Suppressors but, I've finally sent off for my SOT (Special Occupational Taxpayer) stamp to be added to my license! Keep watching and checking back for the actual day I start offering them for sale! I may even come up with some kind of give away or offer for the first person that actually orders a suppressor from me! Like maybe I pay your $200 tax fee...?? Anyway, please remember to check out my e-commerce store and use the code: SAVE5 at checkout to save an additional 5% off your total order!


Well OK....! Over a year has gone by and I'm finally getting around to some updates for y'all..! Aside from the countries shutdown due to COVID-19, RC Gunworks LLC has been trucking along and is actually expanding its offerings! Our laser engraving service is now operational! Feel free to contact me regarding options and pricing! Next, I'll be offering "true" color case hardening services!! The real deal done correctly with charcoal and not chemicals! Finally, and certainly not least, We'll be offering Anodizing and plating services very soon! The equipment was picked up this afternoon and will soon be in operation! There will be a comprehensive line of color options for anodizing and both nickel and chrome plating will be offered so stay tuned for pricing on that. Very exciting stuff to say the least! I also now offer retail sales at my new on-line store. You should see a button on the home page which will take you straight to my store where you will be able to shop and browse over $500,000,000 in inventory!! YES, Five HUNDRED Million dollars in inventory that is updatede in real time from my distributors. What that means to you is if it's listed, it's in stock!! Check it out and use the discount code: SAVE5 at checkout to save 5% off your total order! Soooo That pretty much brings you up to date for RC Gunworks LLC. I pray that we get out from under this virus soon and get back to being normal again... Take care!


I know it's been a while but I wanted to inform everyone that RC Gunworks LLC has  "RE"- established support for Sportsman's Guide. I've begun accepting transfers from them again!  I've been seeing their support for our 2A rights popping up all over especially for content creators on YouTube and that was enough for me to give back my support to them. So order away folks! 



After almost a year of waiting, our Laser Engraving machine FINALLY arrived! There will be a short learning curve involved but we hope to be ready for custom orders and engraving within a few weeks! This should add a whole new dimension to RC Gunworks LLC's product and services offerings and we can't wait to get going. Look for a whole new page on the website specifically set up for this awesome new service! Pricing promises to be very competitive..



I was shopping for something to carry my new Uzi pistol in and came across these folks on GunBroker:  UZICase.com I ordered their standard Uzi case and it was shipped virtually over night to my door. To say I'm happy with this bag is like asking me if I like a good rare Porterhouse steak! The quality is amazing and it's all American made! Don't let the company name fool you though. They sell more than cases for the Uzi pistols! I highly recommend this company for anyone looking for a "quality made" "American" made gun case! When you go there, let Mike Levy know that Bob at RC Gunworks LLC sent ya. You will not be disappointed!


This is for ALL you folks that like to "roll your own" ammunition! You may have already come across this fella on Facebook but if not, I would like to HIGHLY recommend Mr. Edward Cave out of Buford, Georgia for all of your used brass needs. He does an awesome job of cleaning,de-priming, and sizing used brass to the poiunt that you cannot tell it from brand new. His prices are also amazing! You can contact him at: edwardcave@bellsouth.net. He carries many different calibers but you need to get him early because his stuff sells out quickly!  I guarantee you will love this stuff!


Something NEW!!!

We're very excited to announce a new service we'll be providing later this summer! Custom Laser Engraving! Yes, we've invested in a new piece of equipment that will expand the services offered to include custom engraving services for your firearms and related products! Once on-line, the services offered and pricing will be posted . Please keep checking back and while you're here, check out the services already being offered.


NOTICE: Cheaper Than Dirt has been added to the list of companies with policies that do not support home based businesses like mine. Because of this, RC Gunworks LLC will no longer accept transfers from them. The Services page of this website has been updated to reflect this change and further information posted to my Facebook page regarding price gouging practices being employed by this on-line vendor.


I wanted to let everyone know that if you are looking for a great deal on a new safe (and who can't use another safe), give a call to Norm Dion at (253) 565-2753 or email him at: BrowningSafes@comcast.net Norm also owns and operates Yankee Trader LLC . You will not find a better deal on a new "custom order" high quality Browning safe than from Mr. Dion so give him a shout and tell him that Bob Hanlin at RC Gunworks LLC sent ya. 


NOTICE: Due to a Corporate policy change, Sportsman's Guide has decided not to support home based FFL's such as myself and will no longer ship firearms to an FFL's mailing/shipping address. This mainly effects businesses such as mine who've gone to the trouble of having our licenses amended to insure that firearms get delivered to a more secure location aside from our front doors. Even though the ATF allows dealers to have an alternate shipping address listed on their licenses (other than the businesses premises address), Sportsman's Guide has decided that it is too much trouble and will remove any FFL listed on their site that does not allow for this policy change. I was one of the first FFL's to be approached by Sportsman's Guide to be listed as a transfer agent when they decided to start selling firearms. I am not the only dealer who is disappointed in this policy change. The rep that I spoke to told me that almost all of the other FFL's he's had to contact about this change are upset but will not change their own policies. Because of this change and their apparent disinterest in supporting the dealer network, unless something changes, RC Gunworks LLC will no longer support nor recommend the Sportsman's Guide to it's customers.


Well it's a new year! If you followed this years SHOT, you'll know there are a lot of new firearms and related products coming our way. It's also the year we've LOOOONG awaited to elect a new (and hopefully) better President! The past eight years have been a real challenge (severe understatement) for gun owners but a banner year for firearm sales. But the biggest news I have to offer is this:

I"M A NEW GRANDFATHER! Yes, that's right, on February the 2nd, my daughter gave birth to a beautiful 7lb.10oz. baby boy! I'll be posting plenty of pictures of him on my facebook page so check it out. 


In addition to spotlighting new product lines and vendors here at RC Gunworks, I plan to spotlight other businesses in the shooting sports industry that I've become acquainted with. Point5 Readiness Grp. is just such a company. Curtis Hoskins is the Founder and Director of Operations of Point5. His company is focused around firearms training and preperidnase.  He offers classes on firearms safety for every level of shooter from the beginner to the advanced. His company also provides tactical training for LEO and Military personnel. Very cool guy! Check him out at: www.Point5RG.com and tell him RC Gunworks sent you! Point5 also carries a great line of shooting gear and clothing.


I know it's been a while BUT, RC Gunworks has added another TOP firearms manufacturer to it's list! I.E. LegionUSA.com...! Here is their mantra for those who are unaware:

"Legion USA, Inc. is a premium distributor/importer of AK-based Saiga and Vepr rifles as well as shotguns produced in Russia. Legion USA is known as stocking dealer for many authentic Russian parts and accessories designed specifically for these firearms. Legion’s headquarters are located in Izhevsk, Russia. The American division of our company, however, is situated in southern Florida in the city of Hallandale Beach.

Legion USA web store carries brands like: Zenitco, Lynx Arms, Armacon, Molot, Izhmash.

Feel free to contact me for deals with any of the firearms, parts, or accessories supplied by LegionUSA!


Good news! RC Gunworks LLC is back to providing firearm transfer services. I was able to contract with a "gun friendly" company to supply a central point for all firearm deliveries! In addition , the fee for transfers remains the same at $10.00/ per firearm!


RC Gunworks LLC will no longer be accepting or processing firearm transfers. I've had too many problems with dealers not shipping firearms properly. I am not a retail business and although I ask dealers to help me out by forwarding tracking information or at least require an adult signature upon delivery, all too often they neglect to do either. I cannot afford the liability nor the added stress this has caused me. Sorry folks.......


There is another "notch in the belt" at RC Gunworks. For those of you who reload your own ammo, we now offer the complete line of of reloading products from Lee Precision. Lee has been manufacturing precision made and affordable reloading equipment since 1958. All of their products are made right here in the good ol' USA! For the best pricing on all Lee products, call or shoot me an email.   


By now you all have heard about the "proposed" ban by the BATF of surplus XM855 / SS109 5.56 green tipped ammunition. It's another attempt of a long line of outrageous back door tactics to infringe on the rights of law abiding citizens and I ask that you do your part to speak out against it by sending a letter to the BATF at: APAComments@ATF.gov. The BATF is taking and reviewing all comments up until March 13th. When you submit your letter, please remember to be diplomatic and refrain from using profanity. The BATF will automatically  dismiss your letter otherwise. You should also consider sending letters to your states representatives demanding that they stand up for our rights by not allowing this illegal act to proceed any further!   


SHOT 2015 may be over but the deals are still flowing in from the vendors! Check on-line for the newest firearms and firearms products now being offered and contact me for the best prices! 


After many months of hard work, I've finally completed my Gunsmith training and have gotten my certification. I can now offer an expanded line of Gunsmithing services. Feel free to contact me regarding these new services and pricing.


RC GUNWORKS LLC  has selected MACON GUNSTOCKS INC as their main supplier of gunstocks and fit & finish services. You can check them out at: www.Macongunstocks.com.  April and Bryan Macon are great folks running one the the top custom gunstocks companies in the country. Check them out and tell them RC Gunworks LLC sent you.

RC GUNWORKS LLC has a new logo thanks to my lovely and creative wife. Stay tuned, I will be updating the website with the new logo very soon.


RC GUNWORKS LLC has become an authorized dealer for MTM Molded Products otherwise known in the firearms industry as: MTM CASE-GARD. Contact me for product availability and pricing.


RC GUNWORKS LLC is now a Federally Licensed Firearms Dealer. Contact us for all your firearms needs.


RC GUNWORKS LLC Is an approved dealer forRade Technologies (RADETEC.COM).