DuraCoat & CeraKote Pricing*

(single color)

​​Prices below do NOT include materials

Rifle or Shotgun Single Barrel:                     $150.00

Semi-Auto/Pumps/Lever:                              $155.00

Hand Guns:                                                   $150.00

Upper/Lower Receivers:                                 $50.00

Bolts:                                                               $50.00

Handgun Slides:                                             $50.00

Handgun Frame:                                             $50.00

Pistol Barrel:                                                   $35.00

Rifle Barrel:                                                     $65.00

Scopes:                                                           $85.00

Stocks & Stock Sets:                                      $85.00

Knives (metal & synthetic):                            $55.00 

For an additional color, add $20.00 to the price.

*​CeraKote pricing is 20% above the DuraCoat price.

*If your firearm (rifle or shotgun) requires a new stock that requires inletting and fitting, it will need to be sent out for the work to be completed and will be subject to their pricing and time scheduling. Custom stock fitting and inletting  requires the services of  highly skilled craftsman. For this I use  Macon Gunstocks Inc.

 https://www.macongunstocks.com/.  Once the firearm returns to my shop, I will complete the final finish work i.e.: (sanding, staining etc..).

Gunsmithing Services

I am a certified Gunsmith and can provide many gunsmithing services not outlined here. Contact me for further information and pricing. The hourly rate for my shop is $50/hour.

Services & Pricing:

RC Gunworks LLC​

Tel: +1.478,213,4622 Hours: Monday-Friday 9:30am to 5:00pm, Saturday By Appointment 


​Later this summer, 2017, we will be offering custom laser engraving services! Keep checking back for services and pricing...

Additional  Services & Pricing

Detailed Cleaning (all firearms):                      $75.00

Preservation (includes detail cleaning and materials for long term storage):                                   $100.00

Firearm Function/Safety Check:                    $25.00

​Sight Replacement (less parts)                      $25.00

Bore Sighting:                                                 $25.00

 *Firearm Transfers (per firearm)                    $10.00

 *NFA Transfers  (per item)                             $50.00

* Please contact me BEFORE your firearm purchase from the on-line vendor or auction site to be sure I can/will handle the transfer for you. In addition, RC Gunworks LLC will NO LONGER accept transfers from Cheaper Than Dirt due to their company policies regarding shipping of firearms.

                          THANK YOU  


Retail Sales

Although my primary business is restorations and refinishing, I am a full service firearms dealer and as such, may be able to give you a better price on your next firearms purchase. Call or email me for availability and pricing.

Now offering NFA sales and transfer services! Email me for a quote on that Suppressor you've been wanting!!

Rust Blue Pricing

​Rifle & Shotgun

*(complete gun)*

*Original Damascus Pattern will be Restored

on Shotgun Barrels*

Single Barrel:                                 $340.00

Double Barrel:                                $435.00

* Complete gun includes refinishing existing stock

(barrel only shotgun)

​*Original Damascus Pattern will be Restored*

Single Barrel:                                  $220.00

Double Barrel:                                $290.00

Belgium Blue

(barrel only)

Matte Finish:                                 $285.00

Standard Factory Finish:              $365.00

Slow rust bluing is the most durable of the bluing finishes and is preferred over hot dip bluing. It is the ONLY bluing method that can safely be used for older double barrel shotguns due to the type of solder used to join the barrels. Also preferred method for firearms having Damascus steel barrels.

Rust Bluing

(standard factory finish to 240 grit polish)

* Handguns: (Complete)                  $150.00

* Rifles (barreled action)                  $185.00

*For next level finish to 400 grit, add $25.00. 


(rifle or shotgun)

​Bead Blast Parkerizing:                    $150.00

(pistol or revolver)

Bead Blast Parkerizing:                    $100.00


Actual shipping costs will be quoted to you once work is completed

Payment Options:

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Postal money orders, Cashiers Checks. Personal checks accepted but must clear before return shipping.   3% fee added for credit cards.

* NOTE *

If you have questions regarding additional services you may require, please contact me. 


Any firearm(s) not paid for and/or picked up within 30 days of work completion notification will become subject to a $25 weekly per firearm storage fee! If you anticipate a problem that may cause you to go beyond the 30 day period, please inform us ahead of time.

​Thank you